This is the one and only original HypeCrew Logo. It is also the first HypeCrew NFT ever. It is where the journey first started. Only one of its kind exists.

This is the original emblem for HypeCrew, one of the hottest new fashion companies on the planet. Only one design exists.

HypeCrew's first ever NFT that features its cryptocurrency, the HypeCrew coin.

NFT art

HypeCrew NFT could become the Next Beeple in the NFT art world. Prices are soaring for rare , collectible , Digital Art. HypeCrew TM as a Next Generation Fashion house has potential to turn the Fashion industry upside down.

Get your limited NFT rare, digital art before supplies sell out. We will only be Selling 1 Digital Piece per Unique Copy. Afterwards, the designs get retired, and we guarantee that we won’t produce any addition copies.

So, looking for the Next Big thing in Digital NFT art? Get your unique, limited HypeCrew TM NFT’s Today!!