Investors details will be coming soon

Company Description:

Formed in 2021, HypeCrew is a Delaware Corporation. The Company is a designer, marketer, and producer of limited-edition apparel and accessories for the US and international marketplace.

Anchored by the prodigal talents of a young and ambitious design team, the Company’s line presently includes sneakers, socks, shirts, facemasks, jackets, headphones, and caps exclusively made from only the most innovative and ultra-high quality materials, with each production run ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand items.

The Company’s is well-funded to implement its near-term plans, include the proposed acquisition, and the following:

  • further development and production of its existing product lines;
  • the creation and hosting of pop-up events designed to make a splash on the the international street fashion scene;
  • entering into long term agreements and collaborations with other designers, artists, and celebrities;
  • the production and sale of NFTs; and
  • the creation and launch of a new digital HypeCrew coin.

Mission Statement: More than a brand, HypeCrew is a community and a movement which comes together to share their love for streetwear, street fashion, and street life.  Join the Crew!